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We Owe It All  To You

 age 56. This song is just beautiful!  We all do belong to you, and in these times we're in we need music like this more than ever.  The world is hurting so badly,  and we all need him thank you.

age 35. The song has a nice gospel sound to it with a bit of modern added to it. The vocals are very well done and the lyrics are good and well planned through. Also she has a nice range and great note holding capabilities.

age 44, Great song. I like the way the lyrics made me feel, and I could relate to it. I also like the sound structure and the beat is flawless. Great song. I also like the instrumental. I will recommend to family and friends.

 age 38, This song has totally wonderful vocals, and the lyrics are beautiful and captivating, its a very lovely song that keeps your attention and really makes you think about your beliefs.

age 29, The beat and instrumental feels mesmerizing and heartfelt. The artist has a very angelic voice. The overall vibe feels very spiritual. Cool song with potential.

 age 37. The vocals are amazing in the song! Ellen has such an amazing voice and I really enjoy the way the song is done. The guitar is a great addition to the song as well.

age 80. Very clear vocals with a positive message which encourages faith and determination for a better life. Great tune for soothing and comfort when in times of need.

age 43. My hobbies are listening songs. Whenever I have free time, I pick up my mobile phone and start listening to  songs. This song bring the smile to my face. 

age 38. I really enjoyed this song and found it to be very positive. I thought that the woman who was singing had a really great voice and I loved the lyrics too. The song was very spiritual and I thought that it would be fun to see it played live. I liked the drumming too.

age 44. I really love the vocals on this song, such rich warm tone, the lyrics are raw, honest and emotional. The production value is great on this mix. Great band! 

age 35. The song had an old soulful sound to it, and the quality of her singing was very good. The lyrics were very inspiring and it is a beautiful song, perfect.

age 30. What I love about music is that you can show your thoughts, way of thinking, and your feelings through the tunes and lyrics. Trust me, every song has a meaning. This is the thing which makes me so much interested in listening to songs.

age 50.  A jazzy opening is followed by a more traditional R&B vocal that acknowledges everything we have that is good is there because of God. The song is quite good. I loved the electric guitar and the singers have a beautiful voice.

age 32.  This singer has an incredible voice, I really enjoyed listening to this song immensely, I would definitely listen to this song again, great song overall.

age 50. This is my favorite song and daily morning.  My partner and I very much like this song, and this is my memorable and heart touching song.