Indulge in the blissful melodies of gospel spiritual music and songs, crafted with love and passion by me. My music is a sweet escape that uplifts and inspires the soul. Boasting three releases of soul-stirring gospel music, each title is a true testimony to the power of faith and music. The first album, Step into Your Blessing, paved the way for a dazzling career. The second release, I Tried Him for Myself, a powerful single, continues to touch countless hearts and minds. The latest gem, We Owe it All to You, is a beautiful expression of gratitude to the divine. As I continue to create more musical magic, the journey promises to be as enriching as the destination. Come, let me take you on a musical odyssey that will make your spirit soar.


From: Robert Dellaposta on July 25,2018

BroadJam Pro Song Review of The Secret Place

Ellen, Fantastic vocal and great sounding band. Catchy hooks and memorable melodic lines. Stirring spiritual stimulating happy vibrant lively positive and much more. It's a hand clapping toe tapping R&B Contemporary Christian worship song. I can easily hear this is a movie or television show with a religious scene taking place in church. I can see the altar and the choir and the congregation joining in. The sound will be awe inspiring and would touch everyone listening with the holy spirit. Your performance is professionally off the charts. You would hold your own against the best of the best in my opinion. This song shows me you have been blessed with musical talent and skill. This is a master worth promoting to all the musical outlets available. If you don't have a music ministry you should have one and be leading worship with this song. The arrangement is unpredictable and moving. The chords are very colorful and your adlibs are very cool and entertaining. The R&B groove is very pulsating and capturing great instrumental the drums and piano.

Pro's Comments: yes release it to Christian radio and I-Tunes, CD Baby and every outlet you can get it on...downloads and streaming. I'd also pitch the full and instrumental only to major music libraries and music placement companies. Also perform it live in church with tracks or with the choir and worship band... 

Quote From Pro: 

I would go to church just to hear Ellen Hayes sing. Her true love of Jesus shines through on her vocals and it will surely touch everyone who hears her singing. Watch for her new sing "Secret Place" and be prepared to get blessed.

Robert Dellaposta

Hello Ellen Hayes,

This is Jennifer with the Song of the Year songwriting contest. I am contacting you about the material you submitted into the previous contest. Even though your material did not place as a Winner or Finalist, you still did incredibly well in the contest. You had an entry that received the Runner Up 
placement as listed on your personalized placement page at 

The 'Runner Up' placement shows that your song received extremely high scores and was found to be competitive with the winning songs. Only the top writers receive this placement. Your personalized placement page has been created for you so that you can reference your songwriting accomplishment from your website, press kit, biography, promotional materials, etc... It will remain online for years to come. 

Great job and congratulations on your songwriting placement! 

Support Staff  

In 2011 “All about Faith” from the "Step into your Blessing" Album, won a Semi-finalist placement in the "Song of the Year" Song writing competition.

Since then there has been several songs also placed in the Song of the Year songwriting competition.

For many years, Ellen hosted a weekly broadcast on Detroit Christian Radio WMKM 1440am.  The name of her broadcast was Beats and Blessings.  Ellen’s purpose was to provide a platform to help promote local Artist and grow local businesses, in hopes that they will pay -it- forward.  “Be blessed and be a blessing” was her motto at the end of each and every broadcast. Many local Artists and new business owners were blessed through this radio broadcast. "When God blesses and provides a way for us, it's for us to bless others."

Ellen created an event to help educate the community on Stroke prevention. This event was called “A Healthy You Benefit Concert”.  With the help of local sponsors, local artists, and a host of volunteers, together we were able to reach at least 300 hundred people and provide Health education, health screening, heart healthy food and entertainment. This event was such a success we are definitely looking forward to repeats of the same.

Ellen has been Nominated 3 years in a row for "Female Solo Artist of the Year" in the Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards (TGMEA) in Houston, Texas. Ellen is also a member of the Detroit Gospel Alliance, a SAGMA Member, a NIGMA member and a member of the GMWA Detroit Chapter. Ellen has written songs in which one has been recorded by the GMWA Detroit Chapter titled O King. This song has been released on the GMWA Album and is available for purchase at all digital outlets. Ellen is actively writing songs for many others.