Meet Ellen Hayes The Songwriter

My name is Ellen Hayes and I am a gospel recording artist, choir director, musician, producer, composer, and songwriter. My passion lies in using my God-given talents to spread His message to the world.

With a fresh, unique sound, my music leaves a lasting impression on the hearts and souls of those who hear it. My ultimate calling is to guide lost souls toward Christ and salvation through the power of music. And for those who have strayed from their faith, my hope is to become a beacon of light, leading them back to the love of Christ. 

My mission is clear: to infiltrate the world with the gospel of Christ. I am determined to reach every corner of the globe, spreading His message through my music. I strive for world domination in order to fulfill this calling and inspire as many souls as possible. Let my music be the bridge that connects people to God and His infinite love.

Ellen Hayes the Songwriter

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