Our Story

Our Story
Ellen Hayes & Harmonee , a family of singers that has been commissioned by God to spread the good news; with inspirational sounds of gospel music to the world. Although there were many names this group could’ve called themselves, however, because of the unique blend of their voices , Harmonee just seemed to fit the calling. After starting with mom (Ellen Hayes) making her presence known in Detroit, Michigan and spreading her gift throughout the states, her daughters LaToya Bellafant, Cynthia Gross and Carmen Hayes (aka, Harmonee) has joined the mission bringing a brighter light to a dark world. Speaking to the world through a singing ministry, and being a light that can lead lost souls to Christ, is our mission.
Ellen Hayes, a native of Southwest Detroit, The Motor City, Motown.  Whatever you call it, there’s no secret of its heavy contributions to the world of music.  From the Motown sound to its deep gospel music roots, Detroit artists’ have stood at the top with some of the best artists’ the world has known.  Ellen Hayes is ready to make her mark as one of the next gospel greats to come from the city.  With her smooth, sultry vocals, Ellen is sure to capture the attention of music lovers worldwide and leave them begging for more.  After restricting her talents to her home church and affiliated churches only, Ellen has made her music ministry available to the world. Ellen has been nominated for several music awards including The Texas Gospel Music Excellence Awards, The PTY Vision Awards, The Academia Music Awards and more. Ellen has also appeared for several seasons of Dr. Bobby Jones Presents as well as other local TV shows.  Ellen is a member of SAGMA and the NIGMA Chapters. One of her passions is educating the community on stroke prevention and working with the youth. Ellen is an Ambassador for the American Stroke Association, and actively shows her support throughout the community.

While working heavily with producer/songwriter Michael Mindingall, for her first album Step into your Blessing, Ellen is poised to let her music speak for itself, “I write most of my songs for myself originally, it’s basically me talking to God.  I’m just happy that other people enjoy it.”  Her album release, Step into your Blessing (2012), is a smooth mix of R&B, jazz and soul.  Inspiring, soulful and uplifting are a few words that come to mind when describing Ellen Hayes and “Step into your Blessing.”
Ellen is now working heavily with producers Carlos Gunn (Masterpiece Studio), Sean Hardin of Detroit, Michigan and Vocal producer/Grammy Award Winning songwriter Vincent L. Berry of Santa, Monica, California. Ellen has released her latest single “I Tried Him for Myself.” This song is energetic and spirit filled, an allows the mind and body to be consumed with rhythm. This song has an unique sound like no other. If one word could describe the intent of the listeners, it would be, repeat. There is more to come very soon because Ellen is just getting started.
the eldest of the sisters, is a native of Detroit, Michigan. LaToya’s talent and gifts were well beyond her years as a child.  She started singing around the age of 5 years old. While having multiple ranges to her vocal ability, Latoya has positioned herself as a Tenor in the group Harmonee. She is a versatile singer with the ability to perform background and lead vocals equally well. Although her tiny body packs a powerful punch, her ability is not limited to just singing. She brings to the group multiple creative styles of harmony. LaToya's gift has made room for her. We are honored to have this phenomenal addition to the group Harmonee.

Cynthia is also a native of Detroit, Michigan. Cynthia started singing at the age of 3 years old and has never stopped. Cynthia is very passionate about singing and has positioned herself as an Alto in the group Harmonee. With her gifted and powerful vocals, she contributes in many ways to the group. Cynthia is multi-talented when it comes to having the singing ability to adapt to any Genre of music. While her vocals are not the only contributing factor in Harmonee, she will also make her mark as an excellent songwriter and vocal arranger to the society of gospel music.

Carmen is a native of Detroit, Michigan. Although Carmen, being able to sing from a young child has bloomed her vocals a bit later in life, do not underestimate the power behind this slender beauty. Carmen contributes a crystal clear Soprano to our group Harmonee. She presents the gift of hearing when something’s not right. She is definitely our “go to”  girl when recording new music and coordinating new styles for our wardrobe. Carmen’s talent is unlimited and certainly extends beyond her years. Carmen is very talented and passionate about her contribution to Harmonee. While her vocals are a force to be reckoned with, her talents go far beyond singing. Among her many talents lies deep poetry. They are not just words on paper, but poetry that leaves the paper and enters into the deep places of your heart; and we know that what comes from the heart, reaches the heart.